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  • My parents want to go (to Italy)
    Where do your parents want to go?
  • My sister has eaten (an ice-cream)
    What has my sister eaten?
  • We have just finished (our homework)
    What have we just finished?
  • I am painting (my room).
    What are you painting?
  • Agnieszka follows (Miley Cyrus) on Twitter.
    Who does Agnieszka follow on Twitter?
  • (Maya) is thinking of living in Warsaw.
    Who is thinking of living in Warsaw?
  • My brother is cooking (spaghetti)
    What is your brother cooking?
  • I work with (Italian people)
    Who do you work with?
  • We are talking to (our Math teacher)
    Who are we talking to?
  • (My family) have just eaten 5 pizzas!
    Who has just eaten 5 pizzas?
  • (My two sisters) love writing.
    Who loves writing?
  • My mum has (5) brothers
    How many brothers does your mum have?
  • They live (in Mallorca).
    Where do they live?
  • Kamil wants (a new laptop)
    What does Kamil want
  • We are going (to Italy)
    Where are we going?
  • I worry about (my Matura exam).
    What do you worry about?
  • Tom listens to (Kings of Leon).
    What does Tim listen to?
  • My mum is reading a (fantasy) book.
    What book is your mum reading?
  • My sister wants to study (Biology) at university.
    What does your sister want to study?
  • Kamil wants (a new laptop)
    What does Kamil want?
  • We care about (school grades).
    What do we care about?