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Science Unit 1

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  • Yeast is a unicellular fungus or protist?
  • Big groups in which living things are classified
  • Two examples of Fungus Kingdom:
    Yeast and mushroom
  • The nerve cells carry information from the brain to the rest of the body. True or false?
  • What is a unicellular organism?
    A unicellular organism consists of a single cell
  • The heart is an example of...
  • All living organisms consists of tiny units called...
  • An example of unicellular organism
    A bacterium or a paramecium.
  • Fungi take in nutrients through photosyntesis. True or False?
  • Cells perform the same function group together to form:
  • They can not move but the can reproduce
    Plant Kingdom
  • These organisms feed on dead plants and animals
    The Fungus Kingdom and The Monera Kingdom
  • In a multicellular organism, many diferent cells perform different...
  • Two examples of Protist Kingdom
    Algae and amoeba
  • Order the structures from the simplest to the most complex: organ, tissue, organism, system, cell
    cell, tissue, organ, system, organism