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  • what was the last kindness thing you did for someone else?
    you did it!
  • How can you show more kindness to your sibling or parents?
    helping, sharing or caring
  • you got a new toy as present. you friend or sibling wants to play with that toy. what will you do?
  • what does it mean to be helpful? why should you be more helpful?
    good job!
  • how can you be more helpful to your parents? to your siblings?
    good job!
  • How can you be more mindful of other when you cough or sneeze?
    Elbow please
  • When your family grocery shops, how can you be a helper?
    good job!
  • Why it is important to do chores? What would happen if we all stop doing them?
    good job!
  • You watched a tv show and your time is over. your parents asks you to off the tv. how will you react?
    listen to them
  • how do you think other people feel when u are kind to them?
  • There is a candy on the table in your home. Everyone in your home is busy with some work. what will you do?
    Baba is watching you!
  • how does it feel when someone is unkind to you?
    sad unhappy
  • What do you think its important to be kind?
  • what does kindness looks like? feel like? sound like?
    good job!
  • when you were playing you broke it ok to tell a lie?
  • how do you feel when your parent or sibling help you?
  • You're having snack time with family, sibling or friends. only one cookie left , what will you do