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An accidental experiment

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  • Why could only rich people buy purple clothes?
    Because they were very expensive.
  • How old was William in 1856?
    He was 18 years old.
  • What did they need to dye one dress purple?
    A special liquid from sea snails.
  • Who could only buy purple clothes in the past?
    kings, queens and rich people
  • What is the name of the new color?
    It is called mauveine.
  • what did he wash the tube with?
    He washed the tube with alcohol.
  • What was the first result of his experiment?
    A black disgusting compound
  • What did they make natural dyes from in the past?
    plants and animals
  • What does he do with the new dye?
    He sells it in large quantities.
  • How many men worked on the experiment with the crystals?
    3 young chemists
  • Where did William study?
    He studied at the Royal Collage of Chemistry in London.
  • What happened when he washed the test tube with alcohol?
    It became a purple crystal.
  • What did he try to find at the beginning?
    They tried to find a medicine for Malaria.
  • What is mauveine?
    A new color