Adjectives + prepositions B2 (2/2)

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  • Isabella was furious ...
    of Pedro Sanchez.
    about me.
    after her mom.
    with her best friend.
  • This video game is suitable ...
    with up to eight players.
    on adults only.
    of children older than 6.
    for all ages.
  • Arnold is surprised ...
    in himself.
    with the attitude of his students in class.
    on how nice the weather is in Valencia.
    at the rapid progress his students are making.
  • I often get annoyed ...
    with my sister.
    for people who arrive late.
    by people who don't listen when I'm speaking.
    in my loud neighbours.
  • David is extremely nervous ...
    of uploading his first YouTube video.
    about his exam.
    in his date next Saturday.
    on what his mom's going to say when he tells her the truth.
  • Jason is addicted ....
    for hamburgers.
    to comic books.
    on drugs.
    with video games.
  • Hugo is really disappointed ....
    in his volleyball coach.
    to his team mates.
    for his grades.
    with his mum for forgetting his birthday.
  • Ines is very keen ...
    on getting good marks in school.
    off pink dresses.
    in going to the beach in summer.
    of listening to audio books.