Ajuniors first class

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  • Think of 3 yellow things...
    sun, desk, crayon
  • Who are the members in this family?
    Mum, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa
  • What is he doing?
    catching a ball
  • How many monsters can you see in the picture?
    There are three monsters
  • What is he doing?
    throwing the ball
  • What is this?
    a rubber
  • What are these?
  • Look at the picture!
    I've got an idea!
  • What is this?
    A kite
  • Where do people live?
    in a caravan
  • What geometrical shape is it?
    a square
  • Where do the giraffes live?
    in the savannah/jungle
  • What colour is this?
  • Where is the mouse?
    on a yellow pencil
  • What animal is this?
    a sheep
  • How is he feeling today?
  • What is he doing?
    bouncing a ball
  • How is the boy feeling today?
  • Are these chips healthy?
  • What is the girl doing?
  • Who is in the picture?
    A king
  • What is this?
    A cheese sandwich
  • What number is this?
  • What command is this?
    Open the book!
  • What is the frog doing?
    sailing a boat
  • What is this?
  • Where do people live?
    in a tent
  • Who is in the picture?
    A queen
  • What is this? What is the girl doing?
    A rope/ skipping a rope