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Tense Revision (A2)
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  • My family and I (spend) our holidays in Pinamar every summer.
  • My father usually (book) the same hotel year after year. He (love) it.
    books - loves
  • Sara (go) to Australia and she won't be back until next week.
    has gone
  • Sally (check) her emails now to see if the hotel confirmation has arrived.
    is checking
  • We never (be) to Paris before.
    have never been
  • My mum (make) a reservation online three weeks ago.
  • The airline just (tell) us that our plane is delayed.
    has just told
  • My grandparents (travel) to Peru next month.
    will travel - are going to travel
  • I (eat) snails on holiday in France ad I (see) jellyfish in Portugal.
    have eaten - have seen
  • I (visit) Disneyworld with my family when I was four years old.
  • I ordered some tickets online two weeks ago, but they (not arrive) yet.
    haven't arrived
  • Before I (leave) the airport, I (check) that I (have) my passport.
    left - checked - had
  • you ever (climb) a high mountain?
    Have you ever climbed a high mountain?