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  • Does she Know how to swim?
    ...if she knows how to swim?
  • Where is the baby?
    ...where the baby is?
  • Does she like sushi?
    ...If she likes sushi?
  • Did Spidey just dance?
    ...if Spidey just danced?
  • Why did she hurt herself?
    ...why she hurt herself?
  • What did Patrick eat for breakfast?
    ...what Patrick ate for breakfast?
  • What was last Sunday´s homework?
    ...what last Sunday´s homework was?
  • Where is the bank?
    ...where the bank is?
  • Will Diego go to the party next Friday?
    ...if Diego will go the party next Friday?
  • Is he a profesional soccer player?
    ...if he is a profesional soccer player?
  • Is Tom falling asleep?
    ...if Tom is falling asleep?
  • What are they doing?
    ...what they are doing?