* Sports ESL

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  • Sport?
  • game played by kicking a large ball
    Soccer / Football (môn bóng đá)
  • American game which players kick, run, or throw the ball
    Football (NFL)
  • sport of riding a bicycle
  • game of hitting a small ball into a hole
    Golf (môn đánh gôn)
  • Winter Sport?
  • Sport?
    Sumo Wrestling
  • game played on a court with a shuttlecock and rackets
    Badminton (cầu lông)
  • game played with a round flat disc called a "PUCK"
    Hockey (môn khúc côn cầu)
  • game played with a large oval ball
    Rugby (môn bóng bầu dục)
  • American game played with bat and ball
    Baseball (bóng chày)
  • Sport?
  • Sport?
  • game played with long thin sticks (cues) and balls, on a table
    Billiards / Pool (trò chơi bida)
  • sport of riding ocean waves on a board
    Surfing (môn lướt sóng)
  • game played with paddles and a light ball also called "ping pong"
    Table Tennis (môn bóng bàn)
  • Sport?
    Gymnastics (thể dục; sự rèn luyện)
  • sport of fighting using fists with gloves
    Boxing (quyền anh)
  • sport or business of catching fish
    Fishing (câu cá)
  • game by 2-4 players who use rackets to hit a ball
    Tennis (quần vợt)
  • Winter Sport?
    Skiing (môn xki)
  • game in which a ball is volleyed over a high net
    Volleyball (bóng chuyền)
  • Sport?
  • Sport?
    Windsurfing (môn lướt ván buồm)
  •  sport of navigating a ship or boat that has sails
    Sailing (sự đi thuyền)
  • game played with bats, a ball and wickets
    Cricket (môn crikê)
  • especially in the United States, a show or contest of riding, lassoing etc
    Rodeo (cuộc thi của những người chăn bò)
  • sport in which people race on horses
    Horse Racing
  • sport of fighing with swords
    Fencing (môn đấu kiếm)
  • game in which points are scored by throwing a ball into a basket on a high post
    Basketball (bóng rổ)