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Texas Trivia
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  • Can you name a state that borders TX?
    Lousiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico

  • What is the large body of water on the coast of TX?
    Gulf of Mexico

  • What professional basketball teams does TX have?
    Mavericks, Rockets, Spurs

  • What is "black gold"?

  • What does "Tejas" mean?

  • The Dallas Stars were originally from another state. Which one?
    Minnesota. They used to be the Minnesota North Stars!

  • Who was Lyndon B. Johnson?
    Former president of the United States

  • Name a professional baseball team in TX
    Rangers, Astros

  • What is the name of the largest river in Texas?
    Rio Grande

  • What is the state bird?
    The mockingbird

  • Do you know the state song?
    Texas, Our Texas

  • What is the state mammal?
    The longhorn

  • What is Texas' nickname?
    The Lone Star State

  • How did TX help get a man on the moon?
    They trained at NASA in Houston.

  • Texas has 2 professional football teams. What are they?
    Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans

  • What is the state flower?

  • Only 1 state is bigger than TX, which one?

  • What is the state small mammal?
    The armadillo

  • What is the capital of Texas?

  • Nuts from the state tree can be turned into a delicious pie, what is the state tree?