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  • Year the First Thanksgiving was celebrated?
  • Who declared Thanksgiving as a National Holiday in 1863?
    Abraham Lincoln
  • Name of the ship the Pilgrims used to travel to America?
  • Name of the place where the Pylgrims settled:
  • What is the turkey pardon?
    The US president pardons the life of a turkey
  • Name of the famous parade that happens on Thanksgiving:
    Macy's Thanksgiving parade
  • How many days is Thanksgiving now celebrated?
    4-day weekend
  • Who were the Pilgrims?
    People looking for religious freedom who traveled to America
  • When is Thanksgiving celebrated?
    the 4th Thursday in November
  • Name some traditional food for Thanksgiving:
    pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, turkey, gravy, etc
  • How many days lasted the first Thanksgiving?
    3 days
  • What native tribe celebrated with the pilgrims the first Thanksgiving?
  • How many NFL games are played on Thanksgiving?
  • What is the Black Friday?
  • Who taught the Pilgrims how to plant corn, how to fish and adapt?
  • How long was the trip from Europe to America in 1620?
    60 days