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  • What is it? How do you spell it?
    a wrapper
  • Every Thursday in my street the rubbish collectors come and _____ ______ my rubbish.
    take away
  • What does this logo mean?
  • What is it?
    A tub
  • What is it?
    A landfill site
  • Name 4 synonyms of rubbish...
    waste material, refuse, litter, debris, garbage, trash, scrap, dross, flotsam and jetsam, lumber, detritus, dregs, muck, junk, sweepings (there are more)
  • An idiomatic expression in English meaning "an avoidable error in which something good is eliminated when trying to get rid of something bad" - Don't throw the a) sponge b) baby c) duck d) soap out with the bath water.
  • What is it?
    a cardboard box
  • You should not ________ pork in a microwave. It could make you ill if you cook it twice.
  • What is it?
    a carton
  • If you don't want something you own anymore you might do this, to a charity maybe? phrasal verb
    give (it) away
  • What is it? How do you spell it? two words the first the material, the second the container type.
    a polystyrene tray
  • Which European country is the world leader at recycling? They recycle 68% of municipal solid waste.
    Germany of course....wunderbar!
  • What is it?
    a lid
  • What is it?
    sell by date
  • The process for moving your rubbish from your house to the dustbins is called?
    take out (the rubbish)
  • What is it?
    A tin
  • Who is it?
    a dustman
  • The instructions say that I should ________ this Nurofen Gel 3 times a day for my bad back. two possible answers
    reapply/rub in
  • What is it?
    a waste paper basket