REVISION 4th Rooftops

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  • He's going to the ____________
    train station
  • T_ _ _ island (This / That)
  • David lives on a farm. What time does he have dinner?
    He has dinner at half past seven.
  • Are you good at basketball?
    No, I'm not
  • What's the matter?
    He's got a stomach ache
  • Is she going to the theatre? Yes, she is. True or False?
  • What are they doing?
    They are planting seeds
  • These are _____ and that's a ______ .
    boats / caves
  • It ________ water
  • What's this?
  • Does he like _______? No, he doesn't.
  • Is this their parcel?
    No, it isn't. It's their pot
  • What are they doing? They ___________________________
    They are watering the roses.
  • What's the matter?
    She's got a cough
  • Is this her ______? Yes, it is
  • What time does he have lunch?
    He has lunch at quarter past twelve.
  • What type of film is this?
    A science fiction film
  • Does it eat meat?
    No, it doesn't
  • Do you play golf?
    Yes, I do
  • What time does she ________? She _________________________
    go home / goes home at half past four.
  • Does he like Maths?
    No, he doesn't
  • Are you good at ________? Yes, I am.
  • Are there any insects in the garden? Yes, there are _________ and __________
    Yes, there are spiders and grasshopers.
  • Choose the correct: This is his / her / their ladder
    This is their ladder