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Ecosystems- 5th grade Science
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  • Which one is not a consumer? a tree - a dog - a bear
    A tree is not a consumer - it is a producer!
  • Why are arrows used in food webs and chains?
    Arrows show the flow of energy.
  • What is a decomposer?
    A decomposer gets energy from dead plants and animals.
  • Eats animals for energy
  • Which of the following is not a producer? a cat - grass - lettuce
    A cat is not a producer.
  • True or False: Omnivores eat only animals.
    False because omnivores eat plants and animals.
  • A food chain models how energy is transferred in an
  • True or false: Secondary consumers eat other animals.
    True. Secondary consumers are carnivores.
  • Which animal is not a carnivore? A cat - a rabbit - a wolf
    The rabbit is not a carnivore.
  • True or False: Food chains start with consumers?
    False because food chains start with plants and plants are producers!
  • What is a consumer?
    A consumer eats other animals and plants for energy.
  • What is an abiotic factor?
    non-living things such as rock, pavement, air, etc.
  • An animal whose niche is to hunt and kill its own food like other animals
  • Breaks down decaying material in an ecosystem
  • What happens if there are too many rabbits in an ecosystem?
    They eat all the grass and there isn't enough food for everyone!
  • The wolf eats the rabbit for lunch. Who is the predator?
    The wolf is the predator.
  • What is a food chain?
    A food chain shows how each living thing gets food and energy.
  • Which animal is not a herbivore? A cat - a cow - a rabbit
    The cat is not a herbivore.
  • Example of a biotic factor
    tree, animal, person, etc
  • Organisms at the beginning of a food chain are called
  • I eat meat - other animals - yum! Who am I?
    I am a carnivore
  • I eat plants. Who am I?
    I am a herbivore.
  • What is a producer?
    A producer generates its own food. A producer is a green plant.
  • Shows the relationship among all species in an ecosystem
    food web
  • What would happen if all the grass died?
    Primary consumers which eat grass would not have enough food. These consumers would die from lack of food.
  • The wolf eats the rabbit for lunch. Who is the prey?
    The rabbit is the prey.
  • Does the lion have a predator in nature?
  • What is a prey?
    A prey is an animal that is eaten by another animal.
  • Which of the following is not a decomposer? fungi - bacteria - an owl
    An owl is not a decomposer!
  • True or False: Primary consumers eat other animals.
    False - Primary consumers eat plants - herbivores.