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World Religions
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  • What is the holy text of Christianity and who was the founder?
    Bible; Jesus of Nazareth

  • If you follow the ___________ Noble Truths and the ____________ Path in Buddhism, your soul will be released from the cycle of reincarnation. Buddhist call this release ________.
    Four; Eightfold; nirvana

  • What do Hinduism and Buddhism have in common?
    Reincarnation (the soul being reborn after death)

  • Which portion of the Bible was written by the Apostles and details the life and teachings of Jesus?
    The New Testament

  • What are the rule/guidelines that both the Jews and Christians follow in their religions?
    Ten Commandments

  • In Hinduism you must do your ____________ in order to gain __________ which helps you move up in the ___________ system.
    Dharma; Karma; Caste

  • What religion was Christianity rooted in? Also, give one thing the two religions have in common.
    Judaism; Belief in one god (same god), believing in people such as Abraham and Moses, similar holy texts (the Bible having parts from the Torah in the Old T.)

  • Who was a key person in Judaism who was believed to have led the Hebrews out of their enslavement in Egypt?

  • What religion has ties to both Christianity and Judaism and is the youngest of the three Judeo-Christian faiths?

  • What are the two holy texts of Hinduism?
    Vedas and Upanishads

  • What was the world 1st monotheistic religion?

  • What are the rules/guidelines that Muslims must follow according to their faith? Also, list three of the five.
    Five Pillars; Faith (Creed), Prayer, Fasting (Ramadan), Charity (Alms), Pilgrimage (Hajj)

  • What two cities are holiest to Islam and which one do Muslims pray towards 5 times a day?
    Mecca and Medina; Mecca

  • What three nations did Buddhism spread to after leaving India?
    China, Korea, and Japan

  • Who was the Apostle that was most responsible for spreading Christianity throughout the Roman Empire, bringing it into conflict with Roman Mythology?

  • Who was the founder of Islam and what was their holy text?
    Muhammad; the Koran (Quran)

  • What is the holy text of Judaism and who was the founder?
    The Torah; Abraham