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Passive Voice
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  • A lot of countries _______________ (take part) in the International Space Station project next year.
    will take part
  • This piece of music _____________(not record) yet. I've just composed it.
    hasn't been recorded
  • By the time we got to the party, all the pizza _______________ (eat).
    had been eaten
  • The traffic is really bad this week because a volleyball tournament _______________ (hold) in our town.
    is being held
  • 3D films _______________ (exist) since 1922, when The Power of Love was first shown.
    have existed
  • Jenny ______________(complain) to the manager about the faulty items at the moment.
    is complaining
  • I think hotels _______________ (build) in space in the future.
    will be built
  • Smoking _______________ (not allow) on planes.
    isn't allowed
  • This tree is very old. It ___________________(plant) in the 19th century.
    was planted
  • The thieves _____________(steal) the jewellery from the safe yesterday.
  • This photo __________________(take) by my grandfather when I was five.
    was taken
  • The 2022 Football World Cup _______________ (hold) in Qatar.
    will be held
  • Not much ____________(know) about this complicated subject.
    is known
  • Fifty scientists _______________ (take part) in the International Environment project so far.
    have taken part
  • The world’s first motorways _______________ (build) in Germany in the 1930s.
    were built
  • Don’t turn round! I think we _______________ (follow)!
    are being followed