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WHII.13a-c Contemporary World Review
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  • What international organization was created to promote peace throughout the world?
    The United Nations
  • What international organization gives its members a common currency and free trade for member nations?
    European Union (EU)
  • What does not obey political boundaries, causing international problems?
  • What nation owns the region of Northern Ireland and how are some groups trying to push them out?
    United Kingdom; terrorist attacks (car bombs, threats, etc.)
  • Which of the following is highest in a developed nation? Famine, migration of people, poverty, literacy, population growth
  • What international organization loans out money to developing nations?
    International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • What region of the world experienced the Bosnian Genocide where Muslims were targeted?
    The Balkans/Balkans Peninsula
  • What type of problems/conflict are typical in South Asia today?
    Unstable region/Human trafficking
  • What does "independence" mean?
    Relying on others and them relying on you
  • What region of the world has a large problem with piracy and extreme poverty?
    Somalia/Horn of Africa
  • What are guest workers?
    People who migrate to another country to work.
  • What is a multinational corporation and what is an example of one?
    A company in more than one nation. Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Facebook, GE, etc.
  • What is genetic engineering and why are some people unsure of this new advancement?
    Using genes from one organism to influence another to create a more desireable organism (bigger/faster growing food). Unsure of long term effects.
  • What is the difference between a developed and developing nation?
    An advanced or "simple" economy, high vs. low standards of living, high vs. low political rights, etc.
  • What type of problems/conflict are typical in the Middle East today?
  • What type of economies generally result in more political freedom and high standards of living for its citizens?
    Capitalist/Free market
  • What international organization promotes free trade among Canada, the US, and Mexico?
  • What international organization is designed to promote free trade around the globe?
    World Trade Organization (WTO)