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Multisyllabic Words
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  • Whose glasses are these?
    They are Spongebob's glasses.
  • Whose watermelon is this?
    It's the dog's watermelon.
  • Whose shoes are these?
    They're Sonic's shoes.
  • Whose surfboard is this?
    It's Pikachu's surfboard.
  • Whose dress is this?
    It's Cinderella's dress.
  • Whose eyepatch is this?
    It's the alligator's eyepatch.
  • Whose piano is this?
    It's the chicken's piano.
  • Whose jack-o-lantern is this?
    It's the girl's jack-o-lantern.
  • Whose clarinet is this?
    It's Squidward's clarinet.
  • Whose lawnmower is this?
    It's the man's lawnmower.
  • Whose gloves are these?
    They're Sandy's gloves.
  • Whose dog is it?
    It's the skeleton's dog.
  • Whose bananas are these?
    They're the monkey's bananas.
  • Whose parachute is this?
    It's Mario's parachute.
  • What do these symbols mean?
    Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication
  • Whose baby is this?
    It's the baby's kangaroo.
  • Whose trumpet is this?
    It's Patrick's trumpet.