* Chess Trivia

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  • highest title a chess player can attain
    What is GRANDMASTER?
  • piece resembling a castle
    What is a ROOK?
  • game that ends without victory for either player
    What is a DRAW?
  • one of the eight least valuable pieces
    What is a PAWN?
  • move in which the king and a rook move at the same time
    What is CASTLING?
  • board divided into 64 light and dark squares
    What is a CHESSBOARD?
  • a direct attack on the king it can't escape
    What is CHECKMATE?
  • attack by a single piece on two of the opponent's pieces
    What is a FORK?
  • a direct attack on the king by an enemy piece
    What is CHECK?
  • piece represented by a horse's head
    What is a KNIGHT?
  • most powerful piece
    What is the QUEEN?
  • device for keeping track of the time each player takes to move
    What is a CHESS CLOCK?
  • most important piece
    What is the KING?
  • piece limited to diagonal movement
    What is a BISHOP?