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  • This is Seri's favourite holiday destination. Do you know where it is?
    Cape Town
  • Seri showed you some traditional attire. Can you remember what colours they are normally and why they would wear headscarves?
    White with either brown or black. As a sign of respect or celebration.
  • Stephen went on holiday to this country. Where did he go?
  • What is (objectively) the best county in England?
  • What kind of dancing did you see and who showed you?
    Caitriona showed you Irish dancing.
  • Who drove this car across country? What country was it?
    Sylvia: Canada
  • Where did Emily live in Brazil?
  • In what year did Niall visit Portugal before and where did he go? Bonus: Why did he visit before?
    2015, Albufeira for his Mum's 60th birthday.
  • Who walked the south coast of England with only a backpack and camped in fields along the way?
  • Which teacher painted this picture? Bonus: Who is the person in the picture?
    Niall Frida Kahlo
  • Which teacher is associated with these things and why?
    Ayrton is 'from' these four countries: France, South Africa, Portugal and Brazil
  • Who comes from a country with banknotes like this?
    Ayrton and Seri
  • Who gets free flights like this one?
  • Can you guess who owns this dog? Does anyone know the dogs name?
    Stephen: Aero
  • Who appeared on TV in Brazil (Bonus: why)?
    Caitriona was on TV for a St Patrick's day festival in Brazil.
  • Why do Italian people know who Ayrton is, even though he has never been to Italy?
    He appeared in a yoghurt advert there:
  • This lake is in one of the countries that one of the teachers lived in before coming to Portugal. Can you guess which teacher and what country?
    Sylvia: Canada
  • One of the teachers visited this place during the last month. Can you guess who and where it is?
    Stephen: English theatre
  • Who used to ride a motorbike?
  • What sport does Ayrton like to play? Who is he with in this picture?
    He likes to play golf. Tiger Woods.
  • Who is this kissing a stone and why is she doing it?
    Caitriona kissed the Blarney stone to get 'the gift of the gab' (to learn how to talk well).
  • In what year did Niall move to South Korea?