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Earth History
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  • What is molten rock below earth's surface?
  • What is the name of the area along the coast of continents where earthquakes and volcanoes occur?
    Ring of Fire
  • Which type of rock is shown in the image?
  • Which plate boundary has two plates moving towards each other and colliding?
  • Which type of boundary is shown in the image?
  • Where do metamorphic rocks form?
  • Which type of plate boundary is shown in the image?
  • Which layer of Earth is labeled A in the diagram?
    Inner core
  • Which type of rock is shown in the image?
  • Which layer is the outer core?
  • Why do the plates move?
    Convection currents in the mantle move the magma around and the plates get moved with it because they sit on top of the mantle
  • What type of plate boundary forms mountains as uplift happens?
  • What is the innermost part of Earth that is solid?
    Inner core
  • Where does metamorphic rock form?
  • How do metamorphic rocks form?
    Heat & pressure
  • What happens at a transform boundary as plates slide past each other?
    Earthquakes, faults
  • How does igneous rock form?
    From lava or magma cooling and hardening
  • What is an intrusive igneous rock?
    A rock formed inside of Earth underneath the crust (has crystals)
  • Explain how we modeled how metamorphic rocks form.
    Candy crusher (added heat and pressure)
  • THROWBACK: What is the name for vertical distance above sea level?
  • What is the outermost layer of Earth that is broken into plates?
  • What type of environment does shale form in?
    Swamp/ muddy, still water
  • What has to happen to igneous rocks to turn them into sedimentary rocks?
    Weathering and erosion (to become sediments, then compactions and cementation)
  • Which plate boundary has two plates sliding past each other creating a fault?
  • Where do volcanoes and earthquakes occur?
    Along plate boundaries
  • THROWBACK: Which type of landform is shown in the image?
  • Which type of rock is shown in the image?
  • What are the two ways that calcite forms in the ocean?
    Chemical reaction (animals breathe carbon dioxide into water and it forms a precipitate) and shells break down
  • THROWBACK: Which type of landform is created as sand is deposited in a fan-like shape at the mouth of a river?
  • What type of boundary causes one oceanic plate to subduct and get pushed under another plate?