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Present Simple vs Present Continuous
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  • What books_______ you_______for your literature lessons? (read)
    do you read
  • I ________________ (not know) the answer.
    don't know
  • The dog _____________ (need) some food. He's hungry.
  • Can you help me? I __________ (not like) chores and Mike ____________ (hate) them.
    don't like, hates
  • My sister __________ her homework now. ( do)
    is doing
  • What _________your mother usually________ for lunch? (to cook)
    does your mother cook
  • He usually ____________(watch) TV in the evening, but today he ____________ (read) a book.
    watches, is reading
  • It _____________ (snow) right now. It’s beautiful! I ____________ (like) this weather.
    is snowing/like
  • We __________ (not travel) by train very often.
    don't travel
  • What_______ you _________ now? (read)
    are you reading
  • Where's Dad? He _____________ (cook) lunch in the kitchen.
    is cooking
  • I ___________ (hang out) with friends at the weekend.
    hang out
  • __________ (Dave/love) his new phone?
    Does Dave love
  • Don’t shout! The baby _________ . ( sleep)
    is sleeping
  • The baby always___________ after dinner. (sleep)
  • I ___________ (walk) to school every day. I ___________ (not take) the bus.
    walk, don't take
  • Yes, you can borrow my dictionary. I __________ (use) it a lot, but I __________ (not / use) it now.
    use/ am not using
  • What’s your brother doing? He __________ (do) the crossword in the newspaper. He __________ (do) it every day.
    is doing/ does
  • ________ she __________a cake now? (cook)
    Is she cooking
  • ___________ (you/like) watching films on TV?
    Do you like