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Irregular Verbs - Simple Past

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  • I [be] on holidays.
    I was on holidays.
  • John [draw] a picture.
    John drew a picture.
  • I [sit] on a mountain.
    I sat on a mountain.
  • He [sleep] in the garden.
    He slept in the garden.
  • You [wear] flip-flops.
    You wore flip-flops.
  • I [sell] my skateboard.
    I sold my skateboard.
  • He [tell] a funny story.
    He told a funny story.
  • He [feed] a horse.
    He fed a horse.
  • He [throw] the ball.
    He threw the ball.
  • He [hit] the ball.
    He hit the ball.
  • We [hear] some music.
    We heard some music.
  • I [speak] to my grandfather.
    I spoke to my grandfather.
  • My friend [buy] a lot of candy.
    My friend bought a lot of candy.
  • Laura [feel] relaxed.
    Laura felt relaxed.
  • They [pay] for the bus.
    They paid for the bus.
  • You [lose] a balloon.
    You lost a balloon.
  • We [send] postcards.
    We sent postcards.
  • I [blow] out the candles.
    I blew out the candles.
  • Susan [sing] a song.
    Susan sang a song.
  • I [have] a vacation.
    I had a vacation.
  • I [make] a new friend.
    I made a new friend.
  • Katie [catch] the frisbee.
    Katie caught the frisbee.
  • Lisa [run] around the park.
    Lisa ran around the park.
  • I [wake] up on the sofa.
    I woke up on the sofa.
  • I [meet] my cousins.
    I met my cousins.
  • I [write] a letter.
    I wrote a letter.
  • We [do] some housework.
    We did some housework.
  • She [drink] a glass of juice.
    She drank a glass of juice.
  • Ted [cut] down a tree.
    Ted cut down a tree.
  • Diana [take] a dance class.
    Diana took a dance class.
  • They [light] a fire.
    They lit a fire.
  • We [leave] the city.
    We left the city.
  • I [grow] my hair.
    I grew my hair.
  • I [sweep] the floor.
    I swept the floor.
  • He [become] a teenager.
    He became a teenager.
  • We [get] lost.
    We got lost.
  • They [see] a movie.
    They saw a movie.
  • She [read] a book.
    She read a book.
  • They [swim] in the ocean.
    They swam in the ocean.
  • She [hide] behind a tree.
    She hid behind a tree.
  • I [eat] marshmallows.
    I ate marshmallows.
  • She [swing] the racket.
    She swung the racket.
  • I [teach] my sister.
    I taught my sister.
  • She [come] to school.
    She came to school.
  • We [spend] some money.
    We spent some money.
  • We [build] a birdhouse.
    We built a birdhouse.
  • We [fly] to France.
    We flew to France.
  • Tim [ride] a bike.
    Tim rode a bike.
  • They [go] camping.
    They went camping.
  • She [win] the race.
    She won the race.