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Holes Chapters 31 & 32
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  • Why do you think the warden wants to destroy Zero’s records?
    She doesn't want to have legal problems.
  • What special skill does Twitch claim to have?
    To steal a car in less than one minute.
  • Why does the warden repeatedly ask Mr. Pendanski if zero had any family or social workers who might have taken an interest in him?
    Because she is worried that someone may come and ask about him.
  • Do you think that it is a good idea for Stanley to run away after he crashes? Why?
    Yes, because if he doesn't, he will have to face the Warden.
  • Do you think Stanley cares about Zero? Why?
    Yes, because he is all the time thinking about him.
  • Do you agree that Stanley stealing the truck is ‘the stupidest thing he had ever done in his short and miserable life’? Why?
    Yes, because he can't drive.
  • What are Stanley’s worries when he considers making a deal with the warden?
    He doesn't want to get in deeper trouble.
  • How does Stanley feel after Zero disappears?
  • Where is Zero living when he gets arrested?
    In the streets.
  • Why is the new boy given the nickname Twitch?
    Because he is always fidgeting.