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Present Perfect Simple vs Present Perfect Contin ...
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  • I _____________(lose) my book. _______________(you/see) it?
    have lost, have you seen
  • My brother is an actor. He _________________(appear) in several films.
    has appeared
  • You look tired. _______you_________(work) hard?
    Have you been working
  • The weather is awful. It ___________________(rain) all day.
    has been raining
  • Liz is away on holiday? - Is she? Where ______________(she/go)?
    has she gone
  • Look! Somebody ___________(break) that window!
    has broken
  • He's my best friend. I ________________(know) him for a long time.
    have known
  • Where ____you________(be)? _____you_________(play) tennis?
    have you been, have you been playing tennis
  • I _______________(read) the book you lent me, but I ______________(not finish) it yet. It's very interesting.
    have been reading, haven't finished
  • Is it still raining? - No, it _____________(stop).
    has stopped
  • I________________(read) the book you lent me, so you can have it back.
    have read
  • They ______________(be married) since June.
    have been married
  • _____you ever ____________(work) in a factory? - No, never.
    Have you ever worked
  • Sorry, I'm late. - That's all right. I _____________(not wait) long.
    haven't been waiting
  • Gary _____________(work) in a shop for the last few months.
    has been working