Reported Speech

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  • Dad: "You have to go to school"
    Dad told me/said I had to go to school
  • Julia: "I have lost my cellphone"
    Julia told me/said she had lost her cellphone
  • Josh: "I'm doing mg homework"
    Josh told me/said he was doing his homework
  • Teacher: "I love teaching"
    Teacher told me/said he loved teaching
  • My friends: "We are visiting Jess"
    My friends told me/ said they were visiting Jess
  • My brother: "I feel ill"
    My brother told me/said he felt ill
  • Mr. Elliot: "I don't like watching football on TV"
    Mr. Elliot told me/said he didn't like watching football on TV
  • Ewan: "I don't like salad"
    Ewan told me/said he didn't like salad
  • Anthony: "I didn't like the book"
    Anthony told me/said he hadn't liked the book
  • Laura: "There is some juice"
    Laura told me/said there was some juice
  • My friends: "We can't hear you"
    My friends told me/said they couldn't hear me
  • Grandpa: "I'm hungry"
    Grandpa told me/said he was hungry
  • Rose: "I didn't want to come to this coffee shop"
    Rose said (that) she hadn't wanted to come to this coffee shop