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The Jefferson Era
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  • This U.S. warship was built to protect American merchant ships from attack.
    USS Constitution

  • This Shawnee chief hoped to unite American Indians in the Northwest Territory against the United States

  • Signed in Belgium on December 24, 1814, the ___________ ended the War of 181.
    Treaty of Ghent

  • He was the governor of Indiana Territory who defeated a union of Native Americans at the Battle of Tippecanoe
    William Henry Harrison

  • Captain ________________ was given the task of breaking Britain's control of Lake Erie
    Oliver Hazard Perry

  • President Madison was forced to flee when the British attacked ________ and set fire to many government buildings.
    Washington D.C.

  • ___________ was very important because many American good passed through its port at the mouth of the Mississippi River
    New Orleans

  • One of the positive effects of the war was that it increased a feeling of _________ among Americans.

  • The election of 1800 was important because it was the first time that one _____________ had replaced another in power in the United States.
    political party

  • Many Americans believed that this country was behind efforts to provide military aid to Native Americans in the western frontier.
    Great Britain

  • Members of Congress who called for war against Britain were known as this.

  • War between Great Britain and this country led to many problems for the United States

  • As commander of the Tennessee militia, ______________ defeated the Creek Indians at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.
    Andrew Jackson

  • This law, which replaced a previous ban on trade, outlawed trade with Britain, France, and their colonies.
    Non-Intercourse Act

  • In the presidential election of 1800, Republicans Thomas Jefferson and ______________ each received the same number of electoral votes.
    Aaron Burr

  • The ____________ was a gathering of New England Federalists who opposed the war.
    Hartford Convention

  • The ___________________ nearly tripled the size of the United States
    Louisiana Purchase

  • Even though he had originally opposed it, Jefferson agreed to support the ___________ which the Federalists had created.
    Bank of the United States

  • He asked Congress to declare war against Great Britain in 1812
    James Madison

  • The ______________________ broke the tie in the election of 1800 when Jefferson won on the thirty-sixth vote.
    House of Representatives

  • _________________ of France offered to sell Louisiana to the United States because he needed money for his war with Great Britain
    Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Americans were angered by this British practice of forcing people to serve in their army or navy.

  • As a result of the decline in trade during the war, _____________ in the United States was forced to grow.

  • _________________ was an important Supreme Court ruling because it confirmed the Court's power to declare acts of Congress illegal.
    Marbury v. Madison

  • In 1812, the United States and _____________ went to war.
    Great Britain

  • This law passed in 1807 greatly damaging American trade and hurt President Jefferson's popularity
    Embargo Act

  • The Battle of ________________ was the last major conflict of the War of 1812.
    New Orleans

  • Expeditions into western territories greatly increased American knowledge of the ______

  • Jefferson wanted to limit the power of the national ____________.

  • Chief Justice _____________ wrote the Supreme Court opinion that established the Court's power to check the power of the other branches of government.
    John Marshall

  • Under Jefferson, Congress allowed the ___________ to expire.
    Alien and Sedition Acts

  • President Jefferson sent _____________ and ____________ to explore the Louisiana Territory and to look for a river route to the Pacific Ocean.
    Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

  • The principle of ____________ made the judiciary a much stronger part of the national government.
    Judicial review

  • A disadvantage the United States faced in the war was that its __________ was not as large or as powerful as that of Great Britain.