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  • Where is she?
    She's at the library.
  • He's a ______.
    He's a doctor.
  • What can you see?
    Police officer, criminal, robber, money, helicopter, train etc.
  • What's on the table?
    Apple, carrot, orange, pineapple etc.
  • That's a ______.
    That's a lion. (How does the man feel?)
  • What can you see?
    Ocean, sea, water, trees, treasure, boat etc.
  • What do you see?
    Soccer ball, football, baseball, basketball. (What's your favorite sport?)
  • What's he eating?
    He's eating popcorn. (Where is he?)
  • He's a ______.
    He's a police officer.
  • Are they police officers?
    No, they aren't. They are firefighters.
  • What food can you see?
    Pizza, sandwich, cake, cheese etc.
  • Tell me about your favorite super hero.
  • She's a ______.
    She's a nurse.
  • What can you see?
    I can see a ghost, pumpkins, a skeleton, trees, haunted house etc.
  • What animals can you see?
    Lion, giraffe, tiger and elephant.
  • Where are they?
    They are at the restaurant. (What are they eating?)