* Everybody Up 3 Word Problems (SKB)

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  • Class starts at noon (12:00pm) and ends at 3pm. How long is the class?
    The class is two (2) hours long.
    The class is three (3) hours long.
  • You go to the movies with your friend. You buy a combo #2 and give the cashier a $20 dollar bill. How much change do you receive?
    $1.00 dollar.
    .75 Cents.
  • The supermarket has six (6) cashiers, two (2) go home. How many cashiers are left at the supermarket?
    Four (4) cashiers are left at the supermarket.
    Two (2) cashiers are left at the supermarket.
  • You have two (2) carrots, three (3) onions and three (3) potatoes. How many vegetables do you have in all?
    Eight (8) vegetables.
    Six (6) vegetables.
  • Danny goes to karate class on Tuesdays and dance class on Thursdays. How many classes does Danny have?
    Danny has five (5) classes.
    Danny has two (2) classes.
  • Six (6) cooks and thirteen (13) servers work at the restaurant. How many people work at the restaurant?
    Fifteen (15) people work at the restaurant.
    Nineteen (19) people work at the restaurant.
  • A farmer has three (3) little pigs. The farmer sells two (2) pigs at the market. How many pigs does the farmer have left?
    The farmer has one (1) pig left.
    The farmer has five (5) pigs left.
  • It's your birthday! You get two (2) presents from your parents and five (5) presents from your friends. How many presents do you have?
    I have seven (7) presents.
    I have three (3) presents.
  • You have $10 dollars. You buy a chocolate bar ($1), soda ($1) and some potato chips ($2). How much money do you have left?
    I have four (4) dollars left.
    I have six (6) dollars left.
  • You have twelve (12) pieces of gum. You chew eleven (11) pieces at the same time. How many pieces of gum do you have left?
    One (1) piece of gum.
    Three (3) pieces of gum.
  • You have two (2) apples and six (6) bananas. How many pieces of fruit do you have?
    I have four (4) pieces of fruit.
    I have eight (8) pieces of fruit.
  • A school class has seven (7) boys and five (5) girls. How many students in all?
    Ten (10) students in all.
    Twelve (12) students in all.