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A Foodie’s Journey (1 – 1) -Local food
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  • What are the two features of Hong Kong-style restaurants, aka cha chaan tengs?
    They provide fast service and a wide range of food with reasonable prices.
  • What do we call the Cantonese food prepared as small bite-sized, often served in small bamboo steamers or on small plates?
    dim sum
  • Where can we buy egg tarts in Hong Kong?
    In local bakeries or Hong Kong-style restaurants, aka cha chaan tengs.
  • What is the difference between paying the bill in Hong Kong-style restaurants and the western restaurants?
    Customers present the card/paper at the cash register in Hong Kong-style restaurants. Waiter will present the bill to customers in the western restaurants.
  • What is the advantage of takeaway and delivery from the Hong Kong-style restaurants ?
    It is a convenient way when we don't have enough time for dining in.
  • What is the difference between a la carte menu and set menu?
    The a la carte menu offers a list of food with a price for each dish while the set menu offers a fixed number of courses in a fixed price.
  • What is the potential disadvantage of takeaway and delivery from the Hong Kong-style restaurants?
    It may not be environmentally-friendly as most of the lunchbox are made of foam or paper.
  • Name three kinds of street food in Hong Kong.
    fish balls, pan-fried stuffed pepper, eggplant, tofu and sausage with fish paste, stinky tofu, egg puffs, put chai pudding, roasted chestnuts or sweet potato
  • Write down two more local food or street food that are not introduced in the worksheet.
    pineapple buns, faux shark’s fin soup, egg waffle, beef offal, rice rolls, siu mai, Hong Kong-style milk tea, cart noodles, etc.
  • Apart from hygiene, what is the reason why we shouldn't eat street food?
    Because most of them are deep-fried and unhealthy.