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Non-progressive verbs
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  • She is thinking/thinks about ice cream.
    She thinks about ice cream.
  • He is tasting/tastes food.
    He tastes food.
  • It smells/is smelling bad.
    It smells bad.
  • I do not hear/am not hearing you.
    I do not hear you.
  • They hate/are hating him.
    They hate him.
  • He is forgetting/forgets to buy shoes.
    He forgets to buy shoes.
  • I am seeing/see you.
    I see you.
  • He is knowing/knows DD.
    He knows DD.
  • I do not understand/am not understanding you.
    I do not understand you.
  • He has/is having a pen.
    He has a pen.
  • She likes/is liking ice cream.
    She likes ice cream.
  • She is wanting/wants that toy.
    She wants that toy.