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Andrew Clement's Frindle Review
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  • What is Mrs. Granger's first name?
  • Who was the girl who participated with Nick to interrupt the class in fourth grade?
    Janet Fisk
  • How many students stayed after school with Mrs. Granger for asking her to borrow a frindle?
  • What was the principal of Nick's school?
     Mrs. Chatham
  • How many kids signed the oath to call a pen a frindle?
  • What was Nick’s 4th grade teacher?
    Mrs. Avery
  • In chapter six, why did Nick and Janet Fisk miss the bus?
    They had a school newspaper meeting.
  • What was Mrs. Granger's 'Battle Cry'?
    "Look it up!"
  • Who came to Nick's home to talk to his parents?
    Mrs. Chatham, the principal.
  • Who was a reporter of the Westfield Gazette?
     Judy Morgan
  • Mrs. Granger taught Nick in the ____________ grade.
  • Which period was Mrs. Granger's class?
    Seventh period
  • What is a frindle?
    The word Nick created to substitute for the word, 'Pen'.
  • What did Mrs. Granger say would happen if anyone used the word "frindle"?
    They would have to write a sentence 100 times
  • What rude thing did Nick do to his fourth grade teacher?
     Nick said, "Peep!" during class
  • When Mrs. Granger kept Nick after school, what did she have him sign?
    A sealed envelope.
  • True or False. Mrs. Granger believed in Nick all along.
  • How did Nick earn a large amount of money?
    His dad sold the trademark of the word "frindle"
  • What resource did Nick use to do his report on dictionaries?
    A dictionary and encyclopedia.