Morocco and Ukraine

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  • Which country is bigger? (sq km)
    Morocco (more than 700 000 sq km)
  • What's this? (name the dish or the ingredients)
  • Name 2 biggest cities of Ukraine (population)
    Kyiv, Kharkiv
  • Which country has a bigger population?
    Ukraine (41,000,000) Morocco (37,000,000)
  • Is there a desert in Ukraine?
    Yes ( it is said to be created artificially)
  • What colour is Moroccan flag?
    red with a green pentagram
  • What's the capital of Ukraine?
  • Driving side in Morocco and Ukraine, same or different?
  • How big is Morocco?
    more than 700 000 sq km
  • Which country has got a longer coastline?
    Morocco (3,500 km) Ukraine (2,700 km)
  • What's this? (name the dish or name the ingredients)
    borshch (beetroots, carrots, cabbage, onions, potatoes)
  • Name 5 biggest cities of Morocco (population)
    Casablanca, Rabat, Fes, Salé, Marrakesh
  • What colour is Ukrainian flag?
    blue and yellow