Modules 3-4 + Glossary

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  • Teacher: Listen and clap your hands if the verb is pronounced with /id/ at the end. What stage is it?
    Aural recognition
  • What's the order of practice activities?
    drills, controlled, semi-controlled (freer)
  • What does ICQs stand for?
    instruction checking questions
  • In which order do you present vocabulary? MPF or MFP?
  • When learners are encouraged to respond with actions before words, it's called ...
  • What's affective filter?
    This is an imaginary wall that is placed between a learner and language input.
  • Synonyms ,Opposites, Pictures and drawings, Realia, Dramatization, Definition, Self-defining context, TPR, Parts of words / affixation What are these?
    Ways to convey meaning of the word
  • Show, flash, reveal, spy, - what are they?
    4 techniques to use flashcards
  • Opposites, Pictures and drawings, Definitions, TPR Order these ways of conveying the meaning of a word from the easiest to the most difficult.
    pictures, TPR, opposites, definitions
  • What does MFP stand for?
    meaning form pronunciation
  • What interaction pattern is used in the FSW activity (offline mode)?
  • MFP - is this order for presenting grammar or vocabulary?
  • Synonyms ,Opposites - which one is easier for 5-6 -year-olds when conveying the meaning of the word?
  • First instructions, ...
    ... then handouts