Revision A1/A2

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  • Thomas and Pricila are going to start their own company - which tense is this?
    Future Going to
  • Does Sally like salami? - What tense is this?
    Present simple
  • Did Lola come to the last lesson? No, she didn't - which tense is this?
    Past Simple
  • Teresa often (go) to the library on Mondays
  • I already saw that film. Correct or incorrect?
    Incorrect. I've already seen
  • It's too hot in here. I think I (open) the window
    will open
  • I was watching Tv last night when the doorbell rang - which tenses are mentioned here?
    Past Continuous and Past Simple
  • This soup tastes awful! There isn't (too much/enough) salt in it.
  • Next Sunday we (visit) my cousin in Greece
    are going to
  • Modal verbs. You can take part in the extra school activities if you want, but they aren't obligatory. You ______________
    don't have to
  • Barbara/ever/eat/lobster?
    Has Barbara ever eaten lobster?
  • Next year I (start) secondary school
    I'm going to start
  • Maddie and Vera have been friends since/for they were in primary school
  • Comparative adjectives. Your recipe looks tasty, but mine is (healthy) than yours
  • This week we didn't watch (any/some) Tv
  • I (go) with my parents to Disneyland three years ago, and I (meet) Mickey, Daisy and Snow White
    went, met
  • Correct the mistake: You liked the book?
    Did you like the book?
  • The teacher is a nightmare. She gives us (too much/too many) homework
    too much
  • Have you ever been to Poland? - What tense is this?
    Present Perfect
  • Superlative adjectives. Did you know that the mosquito is (dangerous) animal on earth?
    the most dangerous
  • Modal verbs. If you are sick, you __________ drink coffee and eat donuts
  • Do you think you (get) any cool presents for your next birthday?
    will get
  • Where (you/go) for your holiday last summer?
    did you go
  • I don't think we'll win the match tomorrow - which tense is this?
    Future Will
  • Correct the mistake: Pablo already has finished his homework
    Pablo has already finished his homework
  • Correct the mistake: Fiona never has been to London
    Fiona has never been to London
  • Look at that man driving so fast! He (crash) into the lamppost
    is going to
  • Comparative adjectives. In my opinion, Burger King is (good) than MacDonalds
  • I/not finish/my homework yet
    I haven't finished my homework yet
  • My parents have had their parrot, Sid, for 24 years. Correct or incorrect?
  • They've lived there for 6 years - which tense is this?
    Present Perfect
  • Did Jessica went to the party yesterday?
    Incorrect. Did Jessica go to the pasty yesterday?
  • You lot aren't paying attention to anything I'm saying! - which tense is this?
    Present Continuous