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Mad Gab

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  • May Kick Wick
    Make it quick
  • Piece Sun-up Odd
    Peas in a pod
  • Dump Hick Yearn Hose
    Don't pick your nose
  • Weenie Thumb Honey
    We need the money
  • Broth Errands Hissed Her
    Brother and sister
  • Ape Arrow Handles
    A pair of sandals
  • Muff Heater Gold
    My feet are cold
  • Stay Cows
    Steak House
  • May Pulls Ear Up
    Maple syrup
  • Meek Came How's
    Mickey Mouse
  • Fur Stings Versed
    First things first
  • Amen Ask Hurt
    A mini skirt
  • Dawn Jury Member
    Don't you remember?
  • Eighty Part Mints Tore
    A department store
  • Tail Meow
    Tell me how
  • Haul May Die Scream
    Homemade ice cream
  • Eight Hoist Oar
    A toy store
  • They Bees Ease
    The ABCs
  • Up Rinse Amp Rinses
    A prince and princess
  • Abe Lude Her Douse
    A bluebird house
  • Ache Ham Pent Rip
    A camping trip
  • Us Cooled Each Her
    A school teacher
  • Eight Roost Oar He
    A true story
  • Eight Ale Huff Honk Awe
    A telephone call.
  • Doll Arson Since
    Dollars and cents
  • Ache Arf Own
    A car phone
  • Aim Odors High Gull
    A motorcycle
  • Ape Arrows Uncle As His
    A pair of sunglasses
  • Sand Tackle Laws
    Santa Claus
  • Hits Release Add
    It's really sad
  • Abe An An Appeal
    A banana peel
  • Juke Awe Mine Aim
    Did you call my name?
  • Toe Stand Gel He
    Toast and jelly
  • Knoll Heft Earn
    No left turn
  • Faye Stew Phase
    Face to face
  • Watt Sap Inning
    What's happening?
  • Depot Stall Fizz
    The post office
  • Age Happen He Scar
    A Japanese car
  • Ace Women Pull
    A swimming pool
  • Cough He Anchor Ream
    Coffee and cream
  • Us My Leaf Ace
    A smiley face