Animal Riddles

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  • This animal is small and likes to eat cheese.
  • This animal is white and fluffy. It lives with its friends on a farm and likes to eat grass. We use its fur to make warm clothes.
  • This animal flies at night and cannot see. It is a bird of Halloween.
  • This animal is really really big and has big floppy ears. It is gray and likes to eat peanuts.
  • This animal likes to eat carrots and can be white or brown. It likes to hop.
  • This animal does not have hands or feet. It has a long tongue and some people are afraid of it.
  • This animal is green and likes to eat flies and hops
  • This animal can live on a farm or in the mountains. Some have horns on their heads. It likes to kick. It also gives us milk and we make yummy cheese from it.
  • This animal is usually black and white and gives you milk to drink.
  • This animal has lots of needles on its back so no animal can eat it. It is small.
  • This animal lives in Africa and likes to eat leaves on trees with its long neck
  • This is a type of bear that lives in China and likes to eat bamboo.
    panda Bear
  • This animal lives in the ocean. It is small and looks like a horse.
    sea horse
  • This animal is in the cat family. It has orange and black stripes and can run very fast.
  • This animal can be many colors and lives in your house. You have to walk this animal every day and likes to play with balls and eat bones.
  • This animal lives in the ocean and swims very slowly. If you touch it, it really hurts!
  • This insect is black and yellow and makes honey.
  • This insect has 8 legs and spins a web.
  • This animal lives in the ocean and is really mean. It has sharp teeth and likes to eat all the fish.
  • This animal can be brown, black or white. It loves to run and jump and will be happy if you ride its back. Many years ago, people used this animal to go from one place to another because there were no cars.
  • This animal is black and white and looks like a horse.
  • This animal is green and likes to live in the water. It has a shell.
  • This insect has 6 legs and two wings. It has beautiful colors and drinks nectar from flowers.
  • This animal is a bear from Australia. It is gray and super cute.
    koala bear
  • This animal is a bird. It lives in the rain forest and has bright beautiful colors. Some of them can talk.
  • This animal is green and lives on land and water. It has a really long tail and has really sharp teeth. Be careful! It would love to eat you!
  • This animal looks like a big dog. It comes out at night and is very scary.
  • This animal is yellow and has webbed feet. It likes to live in the water.
  • This animal is the fastest land animal in the world. It is in the cat family.
  • This animal used to live on Earth millions of years ago but there are none left today.
  • This animal lives in the ocean and is very smart. It always looks like it's smiling.
  • This insect can be black or red. It lives together with its big family. It likes to carry food it finds. It makes hills for its house.
  • This animal has bumps on its back. People can go on their back for a ride in the desert.
  • This animal lives in trees and loves to eat bananas. It likes to jump from tree to tree.
  • This animal is a bird. The male has a big beautiful tail with many pretty colors like a fan.
  • This animal can be many colors. It lives in your house but likes to go outside alone to find a bird or a mouse. It has sharp claws.
  • This animal is black and white and likes to live in the cold.
  • This animal lives in the ocean. It is gray and has two flippers that it uses to clap. It comes out of the water to sit on rocks. Sharks love to eat it.
  • This animal is pink and loves to play in the mud.
  • This animal is big and lives in Australia. It likes to jump and has a pocket on its body for babies.
  • This animal is a nocturnal bird. It has big eyes and can turn its head all around.
  • This animal is called the King of the Jungle. It is beige colored and likes to roar.
  • This insect is very small and likes to bite people and animals. Then you get itchy where it bites you.
  • This animal can be brown or black. It lives in the forest and it hibernates during the winter. Its babies are called cubs.
  • This animal lives in the snow and is really big. It is all white. It likes to eat fish. It has sharp claws.
    polar bear
  • This animal lives in the jungle and is all black. It is very big and strong and looks like a big monkey.
  • This animal lives on a farm and gives us eggs.
  • This animal lives in the ocean. It has eight long legs. People can eat it.
  • This animal is the biggest animal in the world and lives in the ocean.
    blue whale