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A Year To Remember

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What was the best food you ate this year?
Sounds delicious!
What was the best TV show you watched this year?
What was your biggest obsession this year?
Do you have a new skill you want to learn next year?
Go for it!
What was the worst song you heard this year?
What was the best song you heard this year?
Love it!
What was the best movie you saw this year?
What was the worst movie you saw this year?
Was it that bad?
What was the best meme you saw this year?
What was the best viral video you saw this year?
How many times did you watch it?
What place do you want to visit next year?
I hope you can go!
Where was the best place you visited this year?
Did you have an unexpected surprise this year?
What is something new you want to try next year?
I hope you can!
What is one word to describe this year?
Good choice!
Did you have an unexpected obstacle this year?
What was the best gift you received this year?
That's special!
Who was the most inspiring person you met this year?
Do you have a new friend you made this year?
New friends are always nice!
What is one thing you will work harder on next year?
Don't give up!
What was the biggest change you made this year?
Was it a good change or a bad one?
What was your favorite family memory of the year?
What was the best thing you learned this year?
Never stop learning!
What are you most excited for next year?
Looking forward to it!
What was your biggest regret this year?
We all have regrets!
What was the best advice you heard this year?
Remember it!
What are you most grateful for this year?
What was most challenging this year?
Life always has challenges!
What was your biggest achievement of the year?
What was your most embarrassing moment of the year?
It's ok!
What was the funniest moment of the year?
That sounds funny!
What was your proudest moment of the year?
I'm proud of you too!