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A Year To Remember

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    What do you remember most from this year? What was your favorite memory?
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  • What was your proudest moment of the year?
    I'm proud of you too!
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  • What was the funniest moment of the year?
    That sounds funny!
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  • What was your most embarrassing moment of the year?
    It's ok!
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  • What was your biggest achievement of the year?
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  • What was most challenging this year?
    Life always has challenges!
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  • What are you most grateful for this year?
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  • What was the best advice you heard this year?
    Remember it!
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  • What was your biggest regret this year?
    We all have regrets!
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  • What are you most excited for next year?
    Looking forward to it!
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  • What was the best thing you learned this year?
    Never stop learning!
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  • What was your favorite family memory of the year?
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  • What was the biggest change you made this year?
    Was it a good change or a bad one?
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  • What is one thing you will work harder on next year?
    Don't give up!
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  • Do you have a new friend you made this year?
    New friends are always nice!
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  • Who was the most inspiring person you met this year?
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  • What was the best gift you received this year?
    That's special!
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