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Scavenger Hunt With a Twist

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    Before you can find it, you have to solve the riddle first! (Large items, have students describe where it is and what it looks like.)
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  • One sheet, two sheets, three sheets or four... some use less and some use more. What am I?
    Toilet paper (Bathroom)
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  • What is black when it's clean and white when it's dirty?
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  • I am a king or queen, but also a common device to measure. What am I?
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  • When I put on my clothes, it takes off its clothes. What is it?
    Coat hanger (Closets)
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  • What has a ring, but no finger?
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  • What has arms and legs, but no head?
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  • I have a face that doesn't frown, I have hands that do not wave, and I have no mouth. I have a familiar sound, and I don't walk, but I move around. What am I?
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  • What's black and white and read all over?
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  • What can't be burned in a fire nor drowned in water?
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  • We are not flesh, feather, scales nor bone, yet we still have fingers and thumbs of our own. What are we?
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  • | don't go out and play, I just stay home all day. I'm nice you might agree, but mostly your feet just rub on me?
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  • My words number quite many (like pen, pent, and penny), my title you will discover, is explained under my cover?
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  • The more I dry, the wetter I become?
    Towel (Linen Closet)
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  • What is filled six days a week, but if you don't own it you can't take a peek?
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  • Here is the place where the scared(y) cat sleeps, you won't find any treasures under his feet. Of old dirty socks, you'll follow the smell, and find your next clue where the monsters dwell.
    (Under the bed)
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  • I have a sound that goes beep, and though time I do keep, my main function is to heat.
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  • Some take me in the morning, others take me in the evening, but one thing you should know, that when I'm "taken" - I don't really go anywhere. What am I?
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  • I have a plug, but no bath. I have ink, but no pen. I have paper, but no news. And I have a cable, but no tv. What am I?
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  • I am full of holes, but still hold water. What am I?
    Kitchen Sponge
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  • I have a big mouth and I'm quite a load. I'm not gossip, but I get involved in everyone's dirty business. What am I?
    Washing Machine
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