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Solitary Network Trivia

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    Solitary Network is a trivia game in which players who can play individually on a team, are asked questions about iPad learning centers in a classroom
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  • What are Learning Centers?
    A learning center is a classroom area that contains a collection of activities or materials designed to teach, reinforce, or extend a particular skill
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  • What are the Advantages of learning centers?
    The advantages of learning centers are that they: allow teachers to differentiate instruction
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  • What are the best learner centered practices?
    Project-Based Learning and Problem-Based Learning, Jigsaw/ Stations / Centers
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  • what are some additional tools for teachers who are interested in exploring alternative resources?
    Prezi, Flipgrid, Classroom 2.0,Blackboard
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  • What are some iPad apps other than “Seesaw and Kidspiration” teachers can use that design learning center activities for reading, writing, and Math?
    ABCmouse, Duolingo,Montessori Preschool,Endless Learning Academy
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  • What is differentiated instruction?
    Tailoring instruction to meet individual needs
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  • What are the disadvantages of learning centers?
    They are time consuming, costly, require space,can be noisy, require special training
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  • what are the goals for Ipad implementation?
    Engagement,access to digital textbooks, acess to digital environments, media consumption
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  • How can you experiment with new instructional styles to take advantage of mobile learning devices in the classroom?
    Use of Audio Recording Feature, Live polling tolls,Creating of videos, Chat and Online discussion forums
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  • Can students choose which app they use to solve a problem?
    Yes. (depending on what problem it is for instance “ if it is a math problem i think that using a calculator or photo math would be just fine”
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  • What are some strategies of using iPads in learning centers?
    Teachers can use cueing cards to provide students with cues as to what app they should be using at a certain time
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  • How do you group students for differentiated instruction?
    Choosing a Flexible Grouping Style which allows students to team up according to their learning level.
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