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The village party

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    A brother and a sister organise a village party on the longest day of the year.
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  • What are William and Sophia planning to do?
    Organise a school party
    Go to a dance club
    Organise a funfair
    Organise a village party
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  • What day is the village party going to be?
    21st of May
    21st of July
    Saturday 14
    21st of June
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  • What music are they going to play?
    Pop music
    No music
    Rock and Pop music
    Rock music
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  • What activities are they going to do?
    Quizzes, races, competitions
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  • What kind of clothes are they going to wear?
    Funny costumes or best clothes
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  • What kind of food are they going to eat?
    Pizzas, pieces of cheese, olives, pasta, salads and sandwiches
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  • Who is going to make chocolate milkshakes?
    Sophia's dad
    Mrs. Trip
    Sophia's mum
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  • Who is going to play Rock and Pop music?
    Grandpa's band
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  • How long is the party?
    8 hours
    7 hours
    6 hours
    5 hours
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