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Fall WH-Questions

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    Fall WH-questions to practice vocabulary and conversation
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  • In what month does fall begin?
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  • What happens to the leaves in fall?
    They turn green.
    They change colors. They fall off the tree.
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  • What kind of clothing do you wear on a cool day?
    Bathing Suit
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  • What is another holiday that occurs during the fall season.
    Veteran's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving
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  • What is a fun activity that you like to do in fall?
    I like to... (go to a corn maze, carve a pumpkin, go to a haunted house, jump in the leaves, eat pie, go on a hayride)
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  • What colors do you associate with the Fall season?
    Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown
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  • What is the weather like where you live during fall?
    It is __________________(cool, warm, breezy)
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  • Thanksgiving occurs during Fall. What is your favorite thing to eat for Thanksgiving?
    I like to eat .... (turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, ham, green beans, rolls, pie)
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  • Halloween occurs during Fall. Name 3 types of candy. What's your favorite?
     Snickers, M&Ms, Skittles, Candy Corn, Reese's Cup, Gummies, Kit Kat
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  • What's round and orange and is used to decorate or carve during the fall season?¬†
    An orange
    A pumpkin
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  • What sport begins in the fall?
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  • What is your favorite type of holiday pie?
    I like... (Apple, Pumpkin, Pecan, Cherry) pie.
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  • Would you rather drink hot chocolate or apple cider on a cold day?
    I would rather drink ___________.
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  • Would you rather carve a pumpkin or go in a haunted house for Halloween?
    I would rather go in ________________.
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  • On Thanksgiving we say what we are thankful for. What is something you are thankful for?
    I am thankful for _________________ (my family, friends, pet, house, clothing, food)
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  • Would you rather have it be fall all year round or spring all year round?
    I would rather have it be ____________.
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