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Animal Riddles

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    Animal riddles using comparative sentences (family and friends 2)
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  • This animal lives in the ocean. It is bigger than the fish.
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  • This animal is yellow and brown. It has a long neck. It is taller than the zebra and the horse.
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  • This animal is called the King of the Jungle. It is bigger than cats. It is louder than a sheep.
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  • This animal lives in your house. It is louder than cats. It is smaller than the horse
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  • This animal likes carrots. It can jump. It is smaller than a goat. It is slower than a cat
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  • This animal is black and white. It gives you milk. It is slower than the goat and the sheep.
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  • This animal likes bananas. It can jump from tree to tree. It is shorter than a cow. It is faster than hens.
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  • This animal is Shrek's best friend. It is shorter than the horse.
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  • This animal can be white and orange. It has got 2 legs. It is faster than a cow. It is bigger than a chick.
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  • This animal is grey. It is bigger than the cow. It is slower than a sheep.
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