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WHI.9 SOL Review
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  • What made someone a vassal? What did you give in return for what you gained?
    Land "ownership"; you gave loyalty/service in return for your fief
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  • What three things did the emperor Charlemagne build throughout his empire?
    Schools, churches, and roads
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  • What was very important in political life during the Middle Ages and was the main unifying force in Western Europe?
    The Roman Catholic Church
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  • What necessitated the creation of manors and feudalism in Europe? (Hint: Without these, the common people wouldn't need so much protection...)
    Germanic invasions
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  • What was excommunication? Who could do it and who were sometimes targeted?
    To be cut out from the Church (essentially a sentence to Hell). The Pope could and he would often target political leaders (kings) if they displeased him.
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  • What two other names are the Middle Ages known by?
    Medieval Era (Ages) and Dark Ages
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  • What is a manor? Describe how it is self-sufficient.
    A town or village that is controlled by a lord. All the people need, they can provide for themselves in the manor.
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  • What trait about the Viking homeland possibly prompted them to search for new areas?
    A lack of arable land
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  • What was a fief? What role did it play in feudalism?
    The "grant/gift of land". If you received a fief, you would give your loyalty and service in return to the lord who gave the fief to you.
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  • What does anointed mean? Who would do the anointing and who would receive it?
    To be religiously approved by God. The Pope would do it to kings/emperors.
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  • What type of culture was reinterpreted during the Medieval era?
    Roman culture
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  • What people did Charles Martel, Pepin the Short, and Charlemagne all lead?
    The Franks
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  • How was Christianity spread to the Germanic tribes during this time?
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  • What defensive structured began to be built during this time and what effect did they have on the feudal system?
    Castles; they strengthened it
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  • What language was used by Church scholars? What happened to this language in daily life?
    Latin; it died out and was replaced by Romance languages
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  • Describe where each Germanic tribe we've studied (Magyars, Vikings, Angles/Saxons) each came from and migrated to.
    M- Central Asia to Central Europe (Hungary) V- Scandinavia to Russia, Iceland, Greenland, and partially N. America A/S- Jutland to England
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  • Who stopped the Muslims at the Battle of Tours and why is this significant?
    Charles Martel (Charles the Hammer) and because it stopped Muslim expansion into Europe
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  • What type of leader did the Germanic tribes have?
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