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Saint Patrick's Day
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    A quiz about Saint Patrick's Day celebrations
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  • Which day is St. Patrick's Day celebrated?
    It is celebrated on 17th March.
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  • Who is Saint Patrick?
    He is Ireland's patron saint.
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  • What happened to St. Patrick when he was a young boy?
    He was kidnapped by bandits and brought to Ireland.
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  • Which religion did St. Patrick spread?
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  • What did St. Patrick used to explain the Holy Trinity?
    The shamrock.
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  • Which elements compose the Holy Trinity?
    The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
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  • Which animal did St. Patrick expelled from Ireland?
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  • Have there ever been snakes in Ireland?
    There have never been any snakes in Ireland.
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  • How was St. Patrick's Day originally celebrated?
    The Irish went to the church and prayed to their patron saint.
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  • Which is Ireland's capital?
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  • Why did the Irish emigrate to the USA in the 19th century?
    They were starving because of the Great Famine.
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  • Which year did the Great Hunger start?
    It started in 1845.
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  • Name 7 green things
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  • Where did St. Patrick's Day become a party day?
    In the USA.
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  • Explain what a Shamrock is.
    It is a small, green plant with three leaves that became an Irish symbol.
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  • Which American city dyes its river green on St. Patrick's Day?
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  • Which was the first American city to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
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  • Which was the original St. Patrick's Day colour?
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  • If you ever caught a leprechaun, what could you ask him for?
    You could ask for his pot of gold or for three wishes.
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  • Where do the leprechauns hide their treasure?
    At the end of the rainbow.
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  • Can you name two music instruments used in Irish traditional music?
    The fiddle, the tin whistle, the uilleann pipe, the harp.
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  • How many times did the Irish have to boil corned beef?
    Three times.
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  • Which is St. Patrick's Day popular dish?
    Corned beef with cabbage.
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  • What do snakes represent?
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  • Which are the three colours that compose the Irish flag?
    Green, white, and orange.
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