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1st Grade Social Skills

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    Social skills
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  • Somebody says "Hi" to you at school. What should you do?
    Say hi back!
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  • Writing sentences for homework is hard. What can you do?
    take a break, ask for help, squeeze a stuffy
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  • You love talking about dinosaurs, and your friend loves talking about knights. What can you do?
    Take turns talking about favorite things
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  • You're playing Roblox and grandma asks you to take the trash out. What could you do?
    Politely ask for one more minute or just do it and get it done!
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  • You don't like what mom said, so, you call her silly. How does she feel?
    sad, disappointed, upset
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  • Your game won't load, and you don't know what to do. Is this a big, medium, or small problem? Bonus: What can you do?
    Medium-you might need an adult to help. Bonus: Ask for help
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  • You're having a hard time getting your shirt on and you're feeling frustrated. What can you do?
    Ask for help, take a break and try again
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  • Name 1 coping skill
    answer varies
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  • Somebody offers food that you don't like. What can you do?
    Say no thank you or I already ate. Be polite!
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  • You have to take a really long car ride. What can you do to make the ride more fun?
    Play on your tablet, play I-spy, talk about what you see
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  • Mom asks you do a chore you've never done before. What can you do?
    Try to do the chore, remember you can ask for help or take a break!
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  • You see a bug in your room. What kind of problem is this? Small, medium, big?
    Medium problem you made need help from an adult
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