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The genetive case

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  • That is the car of my mother
    That is my mother's car.
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  • I prepared the milkshake of my friend.
    I prepared my friend's milkshake.
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  • They drank the coffee of Peter.
    They drank Peter's coffee
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  • The book of his friend is blue.
    His friend's book is blue.
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  • I didn't buy the food of the dog.
    I didn't buy the dog's food.
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  • The hair of Lisa is short.
    Lisa's hair is short.
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  • I want to buy the toys of the children.
    I want to buy the children's toy.
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  • The pizza of Luigi is juicy and tasty.
    Luigi's pizza is juicy and tasty.
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  • I loved to visit the park of the city.
    I loved to visit the city's park.
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  • The music of the movie is making my cry.
    The movie's music is making cry.
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  • She didn't invite me to the party of Lille.
    She didn't invite me to Lille's party.
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  • They forgot to call the cousin of my mother.
    They forgot to call my mother's cousin.
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  • He didn't play the game of Zombie.
    He didn't play the Zombie's game.
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  • The chocolate cake of my best friend is sweet and delicious.
    My best friend's chocolate cake is sweet and delicious.
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