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The genetive case

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The chocolate cake of my best friend is sweet and delicious.
My best friend's chocolate cake is sweet and delicious.
He didn't play the game of Zombie.
He didn't play the Zombie's game.
They forgot to call the cousin of my mother.
They forgot to call my mother's cousin.
She didn't invite me to the party of Lille.
She didn't invite me to Lille's party.
The music of the movie is making my cry.
The movie's music is making cry.
I loved to visit the park of the city.
I loved to visit the city's park.
The pizza of Luigi is juicy and tasty.
Luigi's pizza is juicy and tasty.
I want to buy the toys of the children.
I want to buy the children's toy.
The hair of Lisa is short.
Lisa's hair is short.
I didn't buy the food of the dog.
I didn't buy the dog's food.
The book of his friend is blue.
His friend's book is blue.
They drank the coffee of Peter.
They drank Peter's coffee
I prepared the milkshake of my friend.
I prepared my friend's milkshake.
That is the car of my mother
That is my mother's car.