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    Are you ready to be an adult? Take the multiple choice quiz and choose the best answer.
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  • Time to get a job. What should you do at a job interview?
    prepare for common interview questions
    dress Professionally
    all of the above
    ask questions about the company, job and industry
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  • Your fridge is empty, time to go to the store. Which is not one of the food groups
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  • Your battery just died. What do you need to jump your car?
    electrical cord and outlet
    jumper cables and another vehicle
    a tow truck
    jump starter and tractor
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  • Time to clean. What should you do when mopping the floor?
    use cold water
    Windex it
    sweep it first
    spill coffee on it
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  • Car maintenance is important. What do you use to check the oil?
    windshield wipers
    stick thingy
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  • Your clothes are starting to stink. What is not a step to doing the laundry
    add detergent
    separate whites from colors
    choose the correct temperature
    add bleach to each load
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  • What is the best way to use a credit card?
    pay off one with another
    pay off your balance in full each month
    max it out and pay the minimum each month
    don't have one
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  • You made to much dinner. How long can you keep leftovers in the fridge?
    7-10 days
    3-7 days
    1 day
    10-14 days
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  • What is a discretionary expense?
    gas & electricity
    video games
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  • If you keep on top of your credit card payments, your credit score will be stellar. What is considered a good credit score?
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  • You live on your own so you have to remember to pay rent. When is rent usually due?
    1st of the month
    15th of the month
    rent doesn't have a fixed due date
    last day of the month
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  • Budgeting is essential. What is a fixed expense?
    vacation fund
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  • Extra money this month! Treat yourself by dining out. What should you tip the wait staff?
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  • Laundry is clean. What is the last thing we do with laundry?
    dump them in the dresser
    fold it and put it away
    leave them in the dryer
    shove the clothes back in the basket
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  • 2 parties in the same day! How do you handle it?
    stay home, who needs friends
    invite both friends to your own party
    spend a little time at both parties.
    tell one person you are sick and go to the other party
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  • Oh no, you lost your wallet. What do you do next?
    do nothing, there was no money anyway
    accuse people in the store of stealing it
    cCancel all credit cards, get a new ID, watch for fraud
    replace the drivers license
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  • I'm out of here. How much notice should you give before quitting?
    2 days
    1 day
    2 weeks
    1 month
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  • Cooking is dangerous. What do you do if you burn your hand
    call 911
    run it under cold water
    put butter on it
    put a bandage on it
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  • Too many plug ins caused an electrical fire. What don't you do?
    douse it with water
    call 911
    use a fire extinguisher
    leave the house
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  • When should I change the oil in my car?
    when it starts to sound funny
    when the check engine light comes on
    once a year
    every 3,000 miles
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  • Oops didn't stick to the budget. What is the fee the bank charges me called?
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  • Flat tire! What do you do after pulling over in a safe location?
    call 911
    kick the car
    loosen the lug nuts
    use the jack to lift the car
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  • I'm hungry. Which is not a good way to save money at the grocery store?
    shop hungry
    by off brand foods
    buy produce in small quantities that you can use quickly
    make a list and stick to it
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  • Time to see the dentist. What information is not needed to make an appointment?
    how long the appointment will take
    when you are available
    what insurance you have
    what magazines they have
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  • Renting an apartment is a huge step. How much money do you usually need?
    pay for the entire year upfront
    first month, last month and a deposit
    one months rent
    none, I pay at the end of the month
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  • How often do I need to change my sheets?
    when they start to smell
    once a month
    every week
    every other week
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